For Immediate Release: September 16th 2010

Book Release Ceremony in Honour of Professor Pritam Singh on Sunday September 26th 2010 at Bombay Banquet Hall, 7475 135 St, Surrey, B.C. at 12pm.

Virasat Foundation and South Asian Review are proud to present a special Book Release Ceremony in honour of the eminent scholar Professor Pritam Singh on Sunday September 26th 2010 at Bombay Banquet Hall, 7475 135 St, Surrey, B.C. at 12pm. On this occasion his last book which consisted of over 50 years research called Sri Guru Granth Sahib wale Seikh Farid di Bhaal (In search of Sri Guru Granth Sahib?s Seikh Farid) will be released for the first time in Canada along with Professor Pritam Singh Kambo?s book Professor Pritam Singh, Jeevan, Shakhshiat Atai Rachna (Professor Pritam Singh, Life, Personality and Writings). We are delighted that Professor Pritam Singh?s worthy daughter Dr. Harshinder Kaur M.D. will be present at this ceremony and will be speaking about her father and her latest book Khurak Bare Sampooran Jaankari (Complete Knowledge of Diet) which will also be released.

Professor Pritam Singh was a prominent and renowned intellectual from Punjab who during his lifetime wrote over 60 books on Punjabi Language, Punjabi Literature, Sikh History, Philosophy and other subjects. During his lifetime he always made a point of fighting for the defence of the Punjabi Language and was never afraid of presenting his view. He was a towering figure in the field of Punjabi Language who taught many students of Ph.D. and M.A. during his lifetime. He collected and preserved many rare Punjabi manuscripts which he later donated to Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar who created a special library in his honour. He was truly one of Punjab’s most gifted scholars.

Dr. Harshinder Kaur M.D. – worthy daughter of Professor Pritam Singh ? is a well known writer and paediatrician from Patiala, Punjab. She was the first person to speak at the UNO in Punjabi and registered Punjabi there as a mother tongue for the first time. She has been widely honoured in India and abroad for her stands like her father Professor Pritam Singh in the defence of the Punjabi Language, her work on the prevention of female foeticide and the promotion of women?s rights. Her research has been well-published and highly recognized. Her latest book on the importance of diet will be released on this occasion.

Everyone is invited to attend this event and join in the celebration of Professor Pritam Singh?s work and lifetime. This event will also be marking the second anniversary of his passing away.

About Virasat Foundation:

Virasat Foundation is an organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich culture, traditions and heritage of India. Virasat means what belongs to all of us, what has been handed over to us by earlier generations and that which we have to hold on to and pass on to the next generations. It is this Virasat that makes us what we are and will contribute to our next generation what they will be. Our mission is to preserve, promote and develop what is best in Virasat in its full grandeur and hand over to our coming generations a treasure greater than what our last generations handed over to us. This includes providing a climate for holding concerts and various social activities, perpetuating the cultural aspects such as Indian classical music, folk music, fine arts, etc., conducting educational programs, promoting Indian languages and traditional medicines and other services to the people.

About South Asian Review:

South Asian Review is an organization based in Prince George, B.C. that is widely known throughout the Punjabi world for it?s promotion of the Punjabi Language. It was the first organisation in Northern B.C. to release a Punjabi publication in 1997 and has hosted three World Punjabi Conferences to date of which two were in Prince George and one in Jalandhar, Punjab.

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