For Immediate Release: February 1st 2006


Lecture on Indian Classical Music with a Special Demonstration on Classical Compositions of Punjab


Surrey, B.C. – Virasat Foundation is proud to announce that they will be presenting a special lecture on Indian Classical Music with a demonstration of Rare Classical Compositions of Punjab on Sunday February 12th 2006 at 2:30pm at Ravi Banquet Hall, Payal Centre, #201-8166 128th St. Surrey, BC.


We are honoured that Dr. Ajit Singh Paintal – retired Professor in Music, University of Delhi – will be giving this lecture/demonstration. He will first give an introduction on the history, development and structure of Indian Classical Music and then will introduce and sing some special classical compositions from Punjab that have been sung and passed down by our great ancestors. This will be a rare treat as these compositions show Punjab’s contribution to the field of Indian Classical Music.


Born into a very-well educated family, Dr. Paintal obtained his Master’s Degree in Music in Lucknow and then moved to New Delhi where he obtained his doctorate degree for his original work on The Nature and Place of Music in the Sikh Religion and it’s Affinity with Indian Classical Music. His thesis is considered as an authority on the subject. He was associated with the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music in the University of Delhi for over 30 years. During this time he supervised numerous students in obtaining their M.Phil or Ph. D. degrees in Music. He retired in December 2000 as Senior Professor. His wife Dr. Geeta Paintal is presently Dean of the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts. Dr. Paintal has received many awards and is regarded as a leading scholar in the field of Indian Classical Music and Gurbani Sangeet. He has presented papers in Indian Classical Music and Gurbani Sangeet in many conferences in various countries across the World and has also written a number of books in English and Hindi on music.


Dr. Paintal was fortunate to receive his formal training in music from Dr. S. N. Ratanjankar of the Agra Gharana and from the great Ustad Amir Khan of the Indore Gharana. Dr. Paintal has imbibed both these styles into his singing and is regarded not only as a well-known scholar but also as a top-class artist. He has performed extensively in major festivals in India and abroad and has also performed regularly on All India Radio and Doordarshan since 1956. Virasat Foundation is delighted to be presenting this lecture- demonstration and welcomes everyone to attend. This will be a rare opportunity for everyone to listen to a renowned scholar and learn about Indian Classical Music in what will be a truly memorable event.


About Virasat Foundation:

Virasat Foundation is an organisation dedicated to preserve and promote the rich culture, traditions and heritage of India. Virasat means what belongs to all of us, what has been handed over to us by earlier generations and that which we have to hold on to and pass on to the next generations. It is this Virasat that makes us what we are and will contribute to our next generation what they will be. Our mission is to preserve, promote and develop what is best in Virasat in its full grandeur and hand over to our coming generations a treasure greater than what our last generations handed over to us. This includes providing a climate for holding concerts and various social activities, perpetuating the cultural aspects such as Indian classical music, folk music, fine arts, etc., conducting educational programs, promoting Indian languages and traditional medicines and other services to the people.


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