Talvin Singh is a well-known tabla player based in the UK whose name needs little introduction in the West. He has shone as a top artist amongst Western born Asian musicians and has created a large following for tabla music. Talvin grew up in the East End of London and went to India at the age of 15 to learn tabla. He was fortunate to meet Ustad Lachhman Singh who accepted him as his disciple. After two years he came back to London and finished his studies. At the age of 18 his career began to take off after a successful tour with Courtney Pine. After playing with several other well-known musicians Talvin created his own record label and recorded the groundbreaking “Anokha” CD. In 1999 he won the celebrated Mercury Music Prize for Popular Music. Despite making his name in the “Asian Underground” music he has always remained close to tradition and has made frequent trips to India to be with and learn from his respected Guru, Ustad Lachhman Singh. He has played with many well-known Indian Classical musicians including Ustad Sultan Khan, L. Subramaniam and the Late Ustad Salamat Ali Khan.