A glaring example of total dedication, depth and maturity, Pandit Ramesh Misra is a sensation in the field of Indian classical music. Mastering one of the most difficult and unique string instruments ‘Sarangi’, Ramesh Misra is acclaimed as an outstanding artist of India. Ramesh started his initial intensive training at a very tender age from his father Pt. Ramnath Misra and acquired further knowledge and training from some of the finest musicians of Beneras Gharana such as Pt. Hanuman Prasad Mishra and Pt. Gopal Mishra. Presently he is under the tutelage of the legendary maestro Pandit Ravi Sankar. Ramesh’s high aesthetic sense and artistic sensibilities along with his inner soft nature brought him recognition both in home and abroad as an eminent accompanist as well as an adept soloist. His music enthralls the global audience. Besides the receiving the prestigious Sangeet Natak award, Ramesh has also been honoured with Geetanjali, Uttam, Deshari from different musical organizations. In 1959 Ramesh was sent as a cultural delegate to Pakistan by the then Prime Minister of India Jawharlal Nehru. Pandit Ramesh Misra has traveled all over the world accompanying internationally reputed artists. In addition to his appearance in most of the major music festivals of the world he has featured in numerous recordings including his own solos and has earned a niche in the hearts of millions of music lovers. Pandit Ramesh Misra is a very high-ranking and gifted artist, whose music takes the audience to a divine world, a world of pure music.