Pandit Manu Kumar Seen is a brilliant sitar player from Jalandhar, Punjab. Born into a family of musicians, he inherited his talents and abilities from his father and Guru, Sangeet Acharya Ustad Lacchman Singh Seen the renowned and legendary musician of the Punjab Gharana. His father instilled into him the deep spiritual nature of Indian Classical Music and opened his mind to the feelings and the meditative aspect of the various ragas. Punjab has it’s own unique style of playing sitar and this is what was handed down to him from his father. Before being initiated into sitar playing Pt. Manu Seen was taught vocal music and tabla by his father at a young age. Ustad Lachhman Singh Seen founded a music institution called “Sangeet Vilas” in 1950 which is presently being run by Pt. Manu Seen. In his adolescent years Pt. Manu Seen’s unique passion for playing melodies on the sitar was noticed by many connoisseurs of music and since his student days he has been winning a score of prestigious medals and awards. He successfully completed Master’s Degree in English Literature and in Music with Gold medal from Guru Nanak Dev University. Impressed by his dedication and passion the famous Sitar Maestro Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan bestowed his blessings on Pt. Manu Seen and accepted him as his disciple in 1994. Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan has been gracious enough to teach him the subtle techniques of sitar playing of Etawah Gharana i.e. a perfect combination of “Gayaki Ang” singing style and “Tantrakari Ang” instrumental style. Pt. Manu Seen is an international performer and has given countless performances, lectures and demonstrations. He has toured USA, Canada, England and Indonesia. He has been appreciated by listeners as well as music critics for his soulful rendering and strict adherence to purity and virtuosity of ragas as well as his good command on rhythm.
Pt. Manu Seen has been felicitated by various prestigious music organizations and societies in India as well as abroad like Virasat Foundation Canada, Universal Sacred Music, New York , Anhad Raga Tutorial International England, Raag Mala Society Canada, Sur Singar Samsad Mumbai, Harvallabh Sangeet Sammelan Jalandhar, Tirupati Balaji A.P., Bhaskar Rao Sangeet Sammelan Chandigarh, Sangeet Kala Manch Jalandhar, Sangeet Kala Manch Jalandhar, National Program of music by Sanklap and Saptak Ahmedabad, Habitat Centre New Delhi and many others. Pt. Manu Seen is an “A” grade artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan. He has a number of audio and video recordings to his credit.